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Advanced Imaging Education focuses in providing the latest MRI educational course in an effective and easy way for students to pass their license exam while obtaining continuing education credits.

Anaibi Molina is the founder of  Advanced Imaging Education. She is a highly skilled professional who has dedicated years of experience in developing an effective MRI program for students to study and pass the MRI examination board.

As an experience technologist in a hospital as well as an outpatient facility; she has developed for the first time an extensive program with clinical videos which includes characteristics of MRI image basics, safety, positioning and performance of examinations.

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The Mallinckrodt Award of Excellence was honored to Anaibi Molina for being the most oustanding student in her class. She demonstrated an excellent academic achievement in the radiologic technologist program of science. She was selected by a group of faculty and staff from the Miami Dade College Medical Center in 2005. She received a plaque of recognition in the Miami Dade Medical Center institution commemorating the achievement. She was recognized by being an excellent student in both Radiography didactic classes and Clinical rotations.


"I was a student once and I know how difficult and challenging was to learn the MRI basics and physics; therefore I worked hard every day into developing an incredible MRI program with enthusiasm and motivation."

- Anaibi Molina. MRI Program Founder, Director and Instructor.

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Anaibi Molina R (RT) (MR) (CT) has achieved several important awards of achievement and recognition as follows:


Letter of excellent patient care & assistance by a patient in the hospital.


Hardworking & helpful in the department. Recognition in the assisting of patients and in staying when necessary to provide care.


Recognition & card for outstanding performance in the Operating Room.


Florida Student Assistance Grant


MW Paella and Patrick Gettings Scholarship


Medical Center Campus Scholarship


Mallinckton Award of Outstanding Achievement


Federal Pell Grant

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